Regular Servicing Lowers the Cost of Car Repairs in Cheam

At Sutton MOT, we don’t just look after the new customer. We also go out of our way to exceed the expectations of the many loyal customers who haven’t been to any other garages since we first opened our doors 45 years ago.

Our range of services includes car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing. We have customers visiting our Sutton workshop who travel in from all nearby locations including Cheam, one of our principal trading areas.

We feel that the reason why we have such a high number of returning customers from Cheam owes much to the advice we give in regards to keeping costs down over the longer term. When a vehicle breaks down unexpectedly and has to go to any of the many garages in our area, clients from Cheam are usually wondering 2 things:

  • When will I be back on the road?
  • How much are these car repairs going to cost?

When a mechanic takes delivery of your vehicle and tells you to call back in a couple of days, do you really know if you’ll receive a genuine value service? 64% of drivers who responded to a recent poll by one of the industry’s leading independent regulatory bodies paid up to £500 in unexpected car bills last year. 22% paid between £500 and £100 and an unfortunate 10% had to spend over £1000!

Bodywork, wheels and engine componentsare the most commons reasons for expensive car repairs. Vehicle owners in Cheam with a moreprestigiouscar will also experience highercosts as high-tech diagnosis relies heavily on modern but expensive engine management systems.

When combined with the cost of maintenance, MOT testing and general upkeep, unexpected repairs can really sting your wallet.

Keeping the Cost of Car Repairs Down

Sutton MOT believe that motorists in Cheam could cut down significantly on the cost of breakdowns and repairsby visiting us regularly for car servicing. It is an established fact that regular servicing preserves the vital engine parts that often fail on a breakdown. Yearly maintenance also improves vehicle performance and economy.

Sutton MOT can undertake your car servicing requirements with full and interim packages. Vehicle owners in Cheam can also use us for MOT inspections and component replacements in addition to any emergency car repairs they need unexpectedly. We deliver professional standard workmanship to the same schedules as dealership garages.

Join other clients in Cheam and become part of our ever-expanding customer base by contactingus today to book an appointment. We undertake car repairs, MOT testing and car servicing work atthemost competitive rates in the local Sutton and Surrey areas.

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